Vietnam Golf Coast Clubs Take Leadership Role in Environmental Protection


Members of the Vietnam Golf Coast (VGC) are in the process of phasing out single-use plastics after reaching their final straw with the environmentally corrosive material.

The best signature golf courses in Central Vietnam this year joined forces as part of the VGC, a destination marketing effort geared towards cementing the region’s status as one of Asia’s leading places for play.

Four of these clubs, Laguna Golf Lang Co, Ba Na Hills, Montgomerie Links and Hoiana Shores, have pledged to eliminate single-use plastics in their operations.

By scrapping items made of plastic such as bin bags, locker room accessories, plastic cups and straws, the VGC aims to safeguard these land and seascapes for future generations as well as providing an example in Asia’s golf industry when it comes to taking meaningful action to protect the environment.

“Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and we are fortunate to have one of its most visually stunning sites,” said Adam Calver, Chairman of the VGC and Director of Golf at Laguna Golf Lang Co, a Golf Course Facility Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

“As golf is a game that works in harmony with nature, we have a responsibility to take a leadership role in protecting the environment,”

he added.
The drive to eliminate plastic throughout the VGC is already at an advanced stage. Plastic bin bags have been replaced by bamboo baskets, accessories have been switched to wooden or bamboo materials, paper cups have replaced plastic ones while all straws are made using paper, steel, bamboo or natural grass.

“Bamboo was an obvious substitute for plastic given its abundance in the region,” said Tim Haddon, General Manager at Ba Na Hills Golf Club. “We feel that it adds an extra sense of place for our guests.”

Calver said: “All of the clubs have already been taking action to reduce the use of plastics. We feel it is our responsibility as custodians of nature to do everything we can to eliminate any negative impact our facilities have on the environment.”